Reims ERP

REIMS is genuinely a new brand of high quality clothing line based in Makassar. Their concept is european style, which bring up the new and fresh fashion style in Makassar.

As they aim to be one of the biggest brand in fashion, they also want to build a strong system to support them. We had the chance to help them to build a strong system, we build an integrated cloud based ERP system that consist of POS, warehouse, accounting, payroll, purchasing and their e-commerce.


Because the internet connection is not good at some area in Indonesia, we bring database synchronization to Reims ERP. This function will work when only a internet connection exist in local server. It will synchronize the local database with the database in a cloud server. With our platform of cloud base ERP system, head office of Reims can easily managed their branch everywhere.

Database synchronization keep the data on head office updated and makes Reims ERP system can still working while the internet is not connected.

Reims e-Commerce

E-commerce is a promising chance nowadays, Reims also see it as a golden chance to spread out their wings. He also want us to build an online store for Reims.