Equil Sales System

Due to its proven superior quality and the focus marketing strategy, EQUIL has won the hearts and minds of the upper strata consumers, and has now become the number one choice of the picky connoisseurs.

Being different from the European producers, and to preserve its rare and the natural pristine quality of the source, EQUIL is only produced in limited quantity as determined by Mother Nature. No pumping of the spring source, ever.

EQUIL was first bottled in 1998 at the source, Villa D'Equilibrium, and launched to the market which was then predominantly monopolized by few European brands.

Unique Sales System

As the big quality brand of mineral water in Indonesia and Europe, Equil needed reliable system. Targeting to address their problem in 3 area: selling, purchasing, and accounting. The approach is to make them easier to manage their selling, purchasing and accounting. Especially in selling process, they have a unique system consist of inventory, invoicing, payment, and reports system. They need authorization to make an order and they need to confirm the order to proceed to the next step.

As solution, we build a Sales System that address their problem. With our platform we help them to give authorization, and also we create an integrated system into their selling process.